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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a traveling Retrieving Freedom Coin?

All of the traveling coins are part of a public awareness initiative and fundraising opportunity to change lives through the training of service dogs for disabled veterans and children with autism.  Each time a coin moves it touches more people with this mission.  Keep in mind that if a coin were to only travel to one veteran in need of help, that alone could accomplish a life changing series of events for that veteran.  In addition, each dollar raised through the travels of a coin will go directly to Retrieving Freedom for the training and placing of service dogs.

How many coins are traveling?

2020 marks the inaugural year of the Retrieving Freedom Traveling Coin Initiative with 150 coins that were launched into circulation on Jan 1.  These coins are a combination of sponsor coins that were purchased from generous supporters and past recipients of Retrieving Freedom service dogs that are helping to share our mission and need for support.

Can I keep the coin?

In order to accomplish our mission and increase the awareness needs of service dogs for disabled veterans and children with autism, please keep the Traveling Coin moving. If you are interested in sponsoring a coin in the second annual Traveling Coin Initiative, you will receive a keepsake coin of your own. A special coin, available for purchase by those who contributed to a traveling coin during the inaugural year, will be announced in June.